The initial production version of the Superfortress was designated simply B-29, with no letter suffix. At typical modeling scales, the original B-29 is practically indistinguishable from the later B-29A.

Since the new bomber was urgently needed, the production design was developed in tandem with the service testing. In fact, the first B-29 was completed only two months after the delivery of the first YB-29. 46 B-29s of this variant built by the Glenn L. Martin Company at its Omaha plant were used as the aircraft for the atomic bomb missions, modified to Silverplate specifications. 2,513 B-29s were manufactured by Boeing-Wichita (1,620), Bell-Atlanta (357), and Martin-Omaha (536). Due to a demonstrated weakness to head-on fighter attacks, the number of machine guns in the forward dorsal turrets was doubled to four during the production run, beginning with Block 40 Boeing-built aircraft and Block 10 Bell-built aircraft. All Martin-built B-29s had the four-gun turret from the beginning.

The B-29A was an improved version of the original B-29 production model. All 1,119 B-29A's were built exclusively at the Boeing plant in Renton, Washington, formerly used by the United States Navy. Enhancements made in the B-29A included a better wing design and defensive modifications. Where the wings of previous models had been made by the sub-assembly of two sections, the B-29A began the trend of using three. This made construction easier, and increased the strength of the airframe. The B-29A was produced until May 1946, when the last aircraft was completed. It was much used during the Korean War, but was quickly phased out when the jet bomber became operational.

Washington B Mk.I was the service name given to 88 B-29As supplied to the Royal Air Force.

1/32 scale kits
ID Models 1/32 Boeing B-29A Superfortress
1/48 scale kits
Monogram 1/48 Boeing B-29A Superfortress
1/72 scale kits
Academy 1/72 Boeing B-29A Superfortress Box
Airfix 1/72 Boeing B-29A Superfortress
1/135 scale kits
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1/144 scale kits
Academy 1/144 Boeing B-29A Superfortress Box Reissue of Crown kit
Crown 1/144 Boeing B-29A Superfortress Box Two boxings
Fujimi 1/144 Boeing B-29A Superfortress
Minicraft 1/144 Boeing B-29A Superfortress Box Reissue of Crown kit, several boxings
Revell 1/144 Boeing B-29A Superfortress Box Reissue of Crown kit
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